About Me and MarketingBasics101.Info


My name is Larry Roach.  I live in Alabama and am 74 years old.

Am I A Marketing Guru?

No, not at all!  I guess you might call my life a mixed bag of experiences…I have been married to the same woman for almost 50 years, now.  I’m a Christian.  By education, I am a Aerospace Engineer.  By much work experience, I am a corporate safety consultant.  I have had my times of moderate financial success, and I have had some times when I seriously lacked financial success.  I have even been through a time when I had to declare bankruptcy and I have had to climb out of that.

So, What Do I Know About Marketing?

I have been interested in sales and marketing for almost as long as I can remember, and have studied it for years, reading books about sales, buying courses to learn about marketing, etc.  I have to tell you, however, that whenever I have actually tried selling it has not gone very well for me.  Most of my working career has not been in sales or marketing.  In fact, what I am attempting to do now, really, is to get started in online marketing.

I Have Learned A Lot, But I Haven’t Done Very Much

As I said, I am 74 years old.  Because of the ups and downs (mainly because of the downs) of my financial life, I am still working a full-time job and I do not have a viable retirement program.  So, I am hoping to supplement the little retirement income I do have with an online marketing business.  I certainly cannot claim to have vast experience or amazing success stories to base my business on.  Instead, with this blog I plan to tell the story of my successes and failures in internet marketing and pass along what I am learning to anyone who is interested.  If you will look back at some of my earliest posts on this blog (here’s a link to the first one in 2011) you will see that I really have not been working very hard, or very consistently, on getting this business going.  Although I have held onto the dream, I have certainly not done everything I knew to do to get a successful business going.

So, How Can This Blog Help You?

That is changing, as of now.  More and more I want to “retire” from my full-time job and be able to work from home doing the things I want to do.  That means I am finally working to put together the knowledge I have gained already and the things I am learning now  and I intend to build a real business that will provide two things – genuine value to the people who become my customers and an adequate retirement income for my wife and me.

I hope that I can be helpful to you with this blog.  I promise to only tell you the truth, as far as I am able to tell what it is.  I don’t promise to never be wrong, of course, but at least I can be honest about what I believe.  I will try to give occasional updates about how all of this is working out for me.  More importantly, I intend to provide good information and recommend good products to help you build your own business, if that is your desire.  I will not be just sharing what I think (based on my record of success who would want to know that?).  Instead I will be sharing the things I have learned and am learning from internet marketers that I have come to trust and who have been and are very successful.

So, if you will  give me a chance, I will dedicate myself to providing good, basic, marketing information that will help both of us to be successful in online marketing.

Here’s to our mutual success!


Larry Roach

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